Success Stories

I have been very fortunate in my time as a trainer. I have been able to work with some amazing people both in person and through my Online Coaching. Here are some of the best success stories.

Scott, Business Owner

Scott playing fast pitch baseball in his 50's against guys in their 20's and 30's.

Training with Tim is like working with a Professional Sports PhD Hollywood trainer. I was a competitive athlete through college, but over the past 15 years the combination of age, career, injuries, surgeries, and a big scoop of laziness created an increasingly sedentary couch oriented life. Quite literally "everything" hurt.

I tried to "workout" on my own--gadgets, gimicks, DVD's, and gizmos...Fits and starts, but no real success. I decided to try a trainer.  It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life because I got Tim for my trainer.

I've lost over 35 lbs and gained muscle and increased flexibility and fitness level.  Every aspect of my life has improved--including things doctors told me would never improve.  I even compete as a pitcher again against guys 20 years my junior.

I make my goals and Tim creates challenging and rewarding workouts specifically designed to achieve my goalsIt's like having a coach, trainer, therapist, yoga instructor, dietician, cheerleader and friend all rolled up in one.   He can answer any question about fitness and if he doesn't know he'll find it out.

He collaborates, analyzes, and designs imaginative workouts aimed at improving functional ability, strength, and flexibility.

Tim just "gets it". He is always supportive and knows how to relate to people of any age or ability (male or female). I cannot recommend him highly enough.   

Jeri, World Renowned Swim Coach


I was a client of Tim's when he was still working at a local gym. I enjoyed the in person training with him - he has a good sense of humor and  an easy way of pushing you. However, it wasn't as effective as I would have liked since I'm a swim coach which means I have crazy hours ( up at 3:30 am - home at 9:30 pm), work 6 days a week, and many months will work 21 days without a day off.  Plus I travel ALOT.    This all makes it hard to get to the gym on a regular schedule.   When Tim went to the online coaching it was perfect for me.    He would ask me my goals and then he would get creative with what equipment I had at home, at my workplace and with hotel gyms.   He has come up with some great creative and fun workouts for me.     Tim uses all sorts of equipment - TRX, punching bag, jump ropes, basketball hoops etc for ways to keep me interested and able to workout wherever I am in the world.   I have lost 87 pounds and am really feeling great physically and mentally.   Plus my athletes love that I am able to join them in our dryland training which wouldn't have been possible without Tim's workouts.  I really like that he  keeps in touch each week making sure that I am doing the workouts and helping me keep a positive attitude.



TimsFitness has been a great blessing to my family and me.  Tim helped my husband and I and our sons to become physically stronger and healthier, which helps us in many aspects of our lives.   He is a positive influence and is always looking for solutions to solve and deal with the physical or mental challenges and problems each of us have when working out and getting in shape.  Tim creates an atmosphere of trust, confidence and safety and has a way of helping people feel at ease.  I also enjoy Tim’s enthusiasm for knowledge and self -improvement.  Tim is the perfect training coach! I will keep encouraging my friends to give TFC a try.

Cindy, PhD and Principal


Tim is an exceptional trainer.  He is highly committed, talented, and dedicated to health and fitness.  Tim is approachable and exhibits a very pleasant and friendly personality and yet is able to stay me and hold me accountable.  I need to be held accountable!  He takes the time to establish relationships with clients and really gets to know our needs, goals, and challenges.  With Tim, I have gained the confidence to work out in any gym or location I find myself in. I have learned proper form.  He communicates with me regularly and is always able to answer questions I may have.  Having Tim as my trainer has been a great experience.  I recommend Tim without any reservation, he is great at what he does!


Vanessa's progress from her first month alone.

Timsfitness is awesome! After 3 kids the weight just kept creeping up until I started this program. I can't believe how much weight and inches I lost in just the first month. I also fit into jeans that I haven’t been able to in years! With all of the tools and tips I can't wait to see what this program can continue to help me achieve!



Jeremy, Financial Consultant

I have been working out with Tim for almost a year and I could not be happier. I have been able to lose weight while also achieving my goal of becoming stronger.

Tim's workouts include all aspects of the body instead of just focusing on beach muscles. Tim is easy to work out with and actually listens to my input, and ideas to create a workout plan that is right for me. Having bad knees, Tim has listened to my needs and through his training I have been able to build muscle and have the confidence in my knees that has been lacking for years.

Tim is a great motivator and has the ability to make working out not seem like a chore.


Kan, Professor

Tim is hard-working, intelligent, polite, pleasant, and dedicatedHe made steady and substantial progress towards my fitness goals,

His consistent, firm, but polite leadership has brought about verifiable and measurable beneficial results over several months. He continues to keep doing more in the right direction.

Tim's workouts include all aspects of the body instead of just focusing on particular muscles only.  He actually pays serious attention to every word I speak about my concerns, weaknesses, changes, and wishes.  He then creates a varying workout plan customized to my needs. It puzzles me that he knows what is good for me and what I would want and when I would want it.

Having several medical concerns, with his plans and their execution, I have been able to build muscle and have renewed confidence in my physical fitness, lacking much for a few yeas now.

He helps keep my motivation up and workouts interesting.  With Tim's motivation, pleasant attitude, and patent care, no workout is a chore. His advises are limited and relevant.


I normally prefer aerobic workouts, but was persuaded by my daughter to train with a trainer.  We have both been training with time, twice a week for approximately 11 months now and it has been a very rewarding experience.

I have lost weight and gotten noticeably stronger and more toned and have had a lot of fun doing it.  I feel confident that he is teaching me how to work correctly so I won’t hurt myself (just sore) and I like the variety of exercises he has.  Tim is excellent at what he does.