The Office Cupcake Fairy

You wake up with a solid plan to eat right and workout. You ate a light breakfast and have your lunch bag packed with chicken salad and a banana for a snack in case you get hungry. You sit down at your desk sipping your coffee, no sugar or creamer, and you’re ready to tackle your day.

Mid morning someone from the office comes by and invites you to some cupcakes and cookies in the break room. You’re confused cause there was no memo about anyone’s birthday or anything like that. You wonder why there would be cupcakes and cookies on a regular old Tuesday.

This is an actual picture from a break room I was once in, it was not a special occasion.


Instead of analyzing the situation and what is really going on, more often than not we go ahead and oblige. We have the cupcake that was never a part of our plan for the day so we can make the baker feel good. After the sugar high wears off we are left with a feeling of guilt and regret.

Is the person who brings the cupcakes being nice and generous or are they really being selfish? Let’s look at this a little deeper. They probably baked the treats because they enjoy baking. They may have had a bad day and baking is the thing that makes them feel better. They may even like to see the look on people’s face when they bite into those delicious sugary treat. They certainly think their intentions are good, but did they really give much thought to what they were doing?

By bringing those cupcakes (or whatever treat) to work they are inserting themselves into the lives of the people they offer them to. They are intruding on that person’s day and their plan for that day by introducing temptation that is hard to deny. They don’t consider whether people in the office are on a diet or looking to cut back on sweets or even if they have diabetes. They are thinking of how they want to feel better about themselves; not about the guilt that you feel when you give in and have that treat that wasn’t a part of your planned meals for the day.

Why do office cupcakes never look like this?


I know for sure that these people who bake and bring the goodies to work are good people. My mom does it all of the time and she is one of the nicest people I know. What I do not know is if they have stopped to think about what their goodies might do to bring turmoil to the thoughts of their coworkers and to their waistlines.

So many times we are caught off guard by surprises and let other people’s agendas dictate how we live our lives. We start our day with a clear plan and honest intentions to make progress towards our goals, then someone else forces their agenda on us and we acquiesce to it. We need to be stronger than that and here are some options you can use when faced with the dilemma to eat the cupcakes or go to that impromptu lunch.

Actionable Options

  1. Say no thank you and move on. I’m sure everyone who is eating them would like for you to share in their fun and the more people who do it the less guilty they feel, but there is no wrong in simply saying no thank you and politely moving on.
  2. Take it with you to your desk and discretely throw it away. This way you get to give the baker or treat bringer the satisfaction of seeing someone take the results of their hard work and thinking they will eat and enjoy it.
  3. Politely tell them that you can’t eat it because it doesn’t fit into your meal plan and give them a recipe for a healthier option the next time they want to bake.
  4. Eat the treat and enjoy the company. I mean really enjoy it all, don’t allow yourself to feel any guilt just live in the moment and enjoy. Then make up for it later.

Next time someone brings cupcakes give it a little thought. Eat it with joy and no regrets or find a way to politely deny it. No matter what don’t act on impulse.

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