Workout For Success

Some people workout their entire lives and never get that body of their dreams. Does that mean they wasted their time? No.

Busting your butt in the gym is about more than just losing weight or fitting into smaller clothes. Deep down we all want the body of our dreams, but lets not let that be the only reason we workout. Working out is about building a lifestyle and a mindstate. A winning mindstate based on a solid foundation of hard work and accomplishment. It’s not just about the accomplishment of getting the body you want, that’s a great bonus to the hard work, it’s about living the life you should. A hard working and dedicated life. A life where you do what most people won’t. What most people are “too busy” for.


When I set out to accomplish something I don’t think too much about what I have to do to accomplish it, I think about WHO I need to BE. Instead of focusing on doing certain things, I work on making myself into the person who deserves the body or the job or the house I want. If I didn’t already have my dream girl I would be working to make myself into the person who deserves to get her. Now I work to continue to be the one who deserves her.

Part of being the best person I can comes from the dedication and discipline that I have learned and used since I started my workout journey about 10 years ago. At times I have lost weight and I have gained muscle. There have also been times where I stayed at the same fitness level for a good while. I never stopped the process of going to the gym and I never will. Putting myself through the workouts when I wanted to make an excuse has paid off for me over and over again without even consideration of my appearance. Being dedicated to the workout lifestyle is about strengthening your mind and your will, not just your body.

In school they told you to do extra curricular activities to show your work ethic when the time came to apply for college or your first job. In a very competitive job market what will you do to set yourself apart when you work to keep your job or get a new one? Of course you aren’t going to talk about how much you can squat at your next job interview, but you’ll know it as you answer other questions. Working hard toward reaching fitness goals builds your confidence, your ability to form and keep good habits, and strengthens your will power to succeed. All of this can be applied to attaining real world success, not just gym success.

Dedicating yourself to a workout program and working hard will mold you into the person who deserves all of the success that comes your way. Even if you never get the body of your dreams you’ll get a respectably fit body. You can also get the life of your dreams by sticking to the process and the mind state of working out.

If someone worked out every day of their life and died of cancer at 55 years old some people might say all of that hard work was a waste. But what might have happened if that person hadn’t been so dedicated to their fitness program? Would they even have lived that long? Would their life have been as full and successful? When that person was hit with the news how would that have dealt with accepting it and fighting if they hadn't fought thousands of battles against barriers in the gym?

Crossing out failure and writing success.

The next time you start to second guess the reason you work so hard in the gym start to think beyond the gym and how the hard work and winning mentality translates to real world success. Be the person who takes action and fights the good fight, not the person who makes excuses. Hard work in the gym translates success in all aspects of life.

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