Holidays to Blame for Weight Gain

Think to yourself about the main reason you are not in the physical condition you would like to be in. You’re probably thinking its cause you don’t eat right or you don’t workout enough. That is likely true but consider this: the holidays play a big role in how much you weigh. 

It has been suggested that people gain between 7 and 10 pounds during the holiday season. In reality, as found in several studies, people really gain (and keep) between 1 and 2 pounds each year. That 1 to 2 pounds each holiday season adds up and you’re left wondering how it got there. It may not seem like a lot, but think about the 20 pounds you gained from age 20 to age 40 when you finally realize its time for change.

You may blame it on age, I blame it on lifestyle. Many of my clients will start to fall off from their commitment to their program near the end of October. It’s like they pre prepare for the temptations of the holiday by giving up their dedication to working out and eating right. Halloween comes and they start easing their way back into eating their old way. The way they’re planning to eat for the holidays.

Instead of staying committed to their fit lifestyle people will allow the few days that will be spent celebrating the holidays into a couple of months and they aren’t even thinking of getting back on track until it’s New Years resolution time. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard someone say, “I’ll get back on track after Thanksgiving” when it was barely after Halloween. That’s almost a whole month!


My solution is to prepare for the holiday by staying committed and dedicated to your workout and eating program. If you plan correctly you can enjoy yourself and eat as much as you want during your time with friends and family in the holiday season.

It all comes down to preparation and sacrifice. If you know you’re going to be eating a lot one day you need to prepare by eating less the day before and/or after. You can have your cake and eat it too as long as you don’t let a few days a year turn into a few months.

In preparation for an abnormal day, a holiday where you will eat a whole bunch of tasty food, you need to have another abnormal day. During the day or days before the holiday you should be eating much less than you usually eat so that you can freely eat much more than you usually eat when the holiday comes.

The problem is that people don’t think ahead when it comes to holidays. They live the days leading up like they were just another day. They eat and move just as much as usual instead of eating less and moving more.

The end results is weight gain. Instead of balancing out for the extra calories they’re eating on the holiday they live like normal and those extra calories become stored as fat. They become those 1 to 2 extra pounds per year or that 20 to 40 pounds gained from 20 to 40 years old.

Prepare and plan ahead for the holidays so you can maintain and not gain. Heck with even more prep you could lose weight during the holidays!