Motivation and Pre Workouts

I once had a client who worked something like 25 hours a day. She worked a labor type of job during the night shift and a desk job during the day. She didn’t have much energy for working out so she took pre workouts to get through her workouts.

I also had another client who loved to take pre workouts but he didn’t have nearly as busy a schedule as she did. He had the perfect amount of time to workout, he just lacked motivation so he too took pre workouts to get through workouts.

I’ve been thinking about pre workouts a lot on your behalf. Full disclosure is that by and large I am pretty anti most supplement because the supplement industry is so unregulated and profit driven to the point where it becomes unethical. There are some vitamins, minerals, and supplements that really can help. What I am against is the supplements that make grandiose promises with no true science to back them up.


While pre workouts are not necessarily bad, you certainly don't NEED them. There are a lot of supplements out there that say they do things for your that they couldn't possibly do. Some can be helpful but even if they are they are helpful only in very small percentages.

The real solution to to find and focus on what keeps you motivated. Motivation is the best pre workout of all. Motivation can be extrinsic, coming from outside sources like wanting to look good for an event or to fit into some piece of clothes. It can come from someone else wanting you to do something and you doing it for their sake. But motivation that comes from a source other than within yourself will quickly fade.

You need to find what really gets you going. Maybe you want to be able to play with your kids for hours without falling behind or needing a break. Maybe you want to live to see them get married and you want to be a grand parent.

My main motivation is that if I am not working to be the best version of myself that I possibly can I feel like I am wasting my life. Hope that didn't get too dramatic on you, but that's the way I fuel my desire to accomplish. One of the reasons I want to be the best me possible is I can empower others (namely you guys) to be the best you possible.

Another thing you can do to improve motivation is to focus on eliminating things that suck the energy out of you. Do you hate your job? Do you have to do things daily that you would really rather not? Do everything you can to either change these things or change the way your look at them and you will find much more energy and motivation.


If you have all of the motivation you need and your lack of energy is truly due to physical factors you should focus on rest and nutrition first. If that isn’t enough and you need a little more energy, stick to natural sources of energy like coffee or tea. And drink plenty of water.

So what's your motivation????