Get Jealous or Get Inspired

When I was a bit younger I had a less than positive outlook on things. When your outlook is less than positive you can look at peoples’ success and become cynical or jealous of that person. Instead of being jealous, you should get inspired.

Years ago I watched as someone in my profession advancing at a much faster rate than I was. He was tall and very athletic looking (he basically looked like The Rock wearing a uniform), but I felt I had just as much skill and more knowledge. I would attribute his success solely to the way he looked ignoring all of his hard work. In my mind he was born athletic looking and I wasn’t and there was nothing I could do to compete with that.


By attributing his success to his build, I became jealous of the advancements he was making. My jealousy turned into complacency. In my mind I was never going to look like him so I was never going to get where he was. I stopped taking the steps necessary to succeed.

The jealousy sort of began to consume me. I would see an assignment that he was given and think that it should have been mine. He would move up in the ranks and I would say “why wasn’t it me?”. When I should have been studying more and working on my craft I was fixating on the “fact” that I didn’t look a certain way and since I didn’t I was never going to make it.

As I became more enlightened and got into better shape I began to change my outlook on the way I viewed these type of situations. I began to notice all of the work the successful people around me were putting in. In the past I would get jealous and make excuses for myself. As I got older and wiser I became inspired by the success of the people around me.

When I would see someone succeeding from where I was from and doing what I do I would get inspired. I would see that they made it and I believed I could make it too. Instead of being jealous I was inspired and I put in the extra work to achieve.

When you look at a friend who has changed their life and gotten into better shape you can do one of two things: you can get jealous or you can get inspired. You can look at their after picture and say its the lighting that makes them look so good or you can blame it on their genetics or say they took steroids. If you think these things you will not succeed. You will become more and more bitter and weak.


If you look at a friend (or anyone) who has achieved and positively made a change in their lives don’t get jealous get inspired. They are an example of the fact that it can be done and you can do it too.

Have a positive body image. You need to love yourself and be secure enough to look at someone in better shape than you and not get jealous or discouraged. Have enough confidence in yourself to make progress, not excuses. You need to look at the success of others and get inspired. You can do it too and if you put the work in you will do it too.