Insults to Progress

Let me be honest with you, trainers often think that if you aren't doing it their way you aren’t doing it right or that you aren't doing anything at all. Pride aside, we should never let our own arrogance be to the detriment of our clients. That’s a disservice to the people who need us and a disservice to who we are as people. If someone is doing something active, no matter what it is, it is better than doing nothing.

Anyway about a year ago one of my online clients came to me after she had gone through the whole sales presentation with a training salesman at one of the corporate gym chains. It turned out that in person training wasn’t the best choice for her so she decided to sign up with me.

After signing up with me she continued to workout at the gym where she got the sales pitch. After training with me for about 6 months she had gotten into the best shape of her life. But like most of people who lose a lot of weight it was hard for her to see her progress beyond being blinded by what she believes to be her problem areas.


A lot of the times she went to the gym the same sales guy would make comments as she came in to workout. The comments would range from “When are you gonna sign up” to “you’re doing that lift wrong, you should get training.” She would either come back with a quick rebuttal or brush it off carry on.

By the time last week came around she was finally feeling good about herself. In fact I felt that she was a little on the skinny side and needed to add some calories to her diet to put on a little weight. I actually had told her that a few months ago.

So last week she walked into the gym and Mr Sales Trainer said, “When are you gonna sign up for training?” She replies “I don’t need your training, I look good.” To that he responds “No, you don’t”. Not knowing what to say to such a brash comment she just walks away and goes to the locker room to get ready for her workout. It was on her mind throughout the workout and for days after.

When I heard about it, I was instantly outraged. Not only was I upset because it was my client who I am proud of for making so much progress but also because as a trainer I look bad for that jerk saying something like that. What kind of man would say a disparaging comment like that to a woman???

He said it in hopes of making a sale. While I know selling is a part of our business as trainers, it is a necessary evil and it is something some of the best trainers hate to deal with. What a good trainer really wants to do is get you to sign up to help you change your life. Money is a byproduct, not the driving force. What this guy was trying to do was get her money at all costs. At the cost of her emotional well being.

The problem with this situation stems from the corporate structure of this company. They hire non trainers to sell training and then pass the people along to real trainers. The trainers don’t have to sell training and the sales person doesn’t have to talk to the client again. The training sales job attracts pushy sales people who could care less about the people they are selling to and abysmal situations like this arise. This is not ok!

I write this to tell you that you are beautiful (or handsome) and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you are doing any form of exercise you are doing something special and I am proud of you. Keep your head up and keep pushing along. I’m still happy for whether or not you’re doing my program, even though I think mine is the best ; )