Inaugural Post


About six months ago this website was nothing but a thought in the back of my mind. I go to fitness websites all of the time and I read a whole lot of valuable information. I always thought that I too could put out valuable information, but I never really thought I actually would.


Then my sister called me and was asking me about the process of choosing and hiring a trainer. I'll just go ahead and assume that she didn't ask me to be her trainer because she lives about 60 miles away from me. But that's beside the point, I was teaching her the ins and outs about the process of getting a trainer at the particular gym she goes to. When she found out that the person she wanted wasn't actually going to be her trainer and that he wasn't actually a trainer at all, we were in need of a solution.


She suggested to me that I be her "virtual trainer". At first I denied her request and referred her to an online training site that I knew of. I had seen a lot of online trainers and to me they were just people who were in really good shape but didn't spend too much time actually training people. So the thought of being an online trainer was sort of an insult to what I believed the value of training to be. I thought that you could only help people with in person training. I was looking at it in the wrong light.


In reality not everyone needs an in person trainer and technology is a great way to help people. So I decided that I would be her online trainer. What I didn't know was all of the work that would go into making a program possible for her to learn and perform without me being there. She was in decent shape, but wasn't experienced when it came to lifting weights.


I started out giving her the workout program I had written for her for that month and attaching YouTube videos to it. But what I found was that there are a lot of videos out there that show some pretty atrocious form. There was only one solution, I had to make the videos myself.


So I began by making a list of all of the exercises I use with my in person clients on a daily basis. I ended up with over 100 exercises! That meant I would have to record over 100 videos. And the funnest part about it was that I had never filmed myself! It was a scary thought and I didn't know where to begin.


The process of recording took a couple of months, couple hours a weekend. Then came the editing and the most difficult part: voiceovers. If you think you’re brave try listening to your own voice. Unless of course you’re Kenny Chesney or Al Pacino, then you should love the sound of your own voice cause its awesome.


Anyway, I finished all of the videos and put them on the site for my online training clients. And I’m pretty proud of the way they turned out. Check out the bloopers from the recording process.